Chronology of SCF Events for past few months


8th to 17th Jun

ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships held in Singapore. This event was organized by SCF and sanctioned by ACC. The main parties involved in this event are:

            Organizing Committee Chairman      Ignatius Leong

            Tournament Director                          Gan Yeow Beng

            President of SCF                                  Ignatius Leong

            ACC President                                     Ignatius Leong


12th Jun

An alleged incident between Tony Tan (Arbiter) and Jayson Gonzales (Coach) occurred. This incident involved two Filipino children playing in the tournament.

Gan Yeow Beng was a TD was on the scene to resolve the matter.


13th Jun

ACC Board Meeting held in Singapore. Ignatius Leong re-elected as President of ACC Board.


17th Jun

Tony Tan requested Ignatius Leong for the debrief session of the ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships event, but Ignatius deemed this as unnecessary.


9th Jul

22nd SCF Exco council 2013-2015 meeting discussed on the ASEAN+ Age Group but the alleged incident was not raised.

The Chairman of the Exco, Ignatius Leong, only mentioned the complaint from one Malaysian parent and the Indian Delegates, but not the alleged incident mentioned above.


2nd Aug

AGM cum Election of new Executive Council 2015-2017.

The 1st Exco convened to assign roles & responsibilities and also decided that Exco meetings shall be held on the 3rd Friday of every month. However, as Nisban & Ignatius Leong will be away with U16 Youth Olympiad Teams in Mongolia during that period in Aug, it was decided that the 2nd Exco meeting shall be on 14th Aug.


14th Aug

2nd Exco meeting was held with full attendance by the members of EXCO.


7th Sep

FIDE’s Ethics Committee found Mr G. Kasparov and Mr I. Leong guilty of breaching the par 2.1 of the Code of Ethics by the FIDE Ethics Commission.


7th Sep

Arman D. Armero, a Manila Standard Today’s reporter, posted an article on Facebook regarding the incident between Tony Tan and Jayson Gonzales, a member of the Philippines delegation in June during the ASEAN+ Age Group competition. . Leong commented on this article at 2128hrs apologizing sincerely in the same post although he does not say what his apology is for.


8th Sep

In the same post, Ignatius Leong extended his apologies to all Filipinos and the Philippines Chess Community, again without stating what he is apologizing for.


10th Sep

SCF President called for an Emergency Meeting on 12th Sep to address the FIDE Ethic Commission guilty verdict.


11th Sep

SCF received formal notification from FIDE about the verdict that was passed on 7th Sep by the FIDE Ethics Committee.


12th Sep

1st Emergency Meeting to address the Ethic Commission guilty verdict. There was no quorum. Notice was served for the 2nd Emergency Meeting on 15th Sep.


15th Sep

2nd Emergency Meeting was held with 8 Council Members present. Those present are:

-          Leonard Lau

-          John Wong

-          Chris Lim

-          Nisban

-          Tony Tan

-          Melvyn Yeo

-          Chan Weng Kee

-          Gan Yeow Beng

The meeting passed the motion unanimously to grant Ignatius Leong Leave of Absence from Exco. Meeting ended at 2100 hrs.


15th Sep

Ignatius Leong posted  a video on the alleged incident on Facebook around 2137hrs



17th Sep

Letter of Complaint sent by National Chess Federation-Philippines (NCFP) to Thomas Hoe, 1017hrs, pertaining to the alleged incident on 12th Jun during the ASEAN+ Age-Group.

Ignatius Leong forwarded the same to SCF Exco members at 1914hrs in his personal capacity.


18th Sep

Ignatius Leong, in his capacity as President of ACC, sent an email at 0511hrs to SCF Exco, informing about the complaint from NCFP to SCF, requesting for a reply to NCFP “as soon as possible before they seek redress through other channels.”


18th Sep

3rd Exco meeting, attended by Leonard Lau, John Wong, Chris Lim, Nisban, Melvyn Yeo and Tony Tan.


Matters pertaining to Ethics sub-committee

During SCF Exco mtg, an Ethics sub-committee (Headed by Chris Lim with members from Melvyn Yeo, Nisban, Adelin Tan & Chan Weng Kee) was commissioned to look into complaint from NCFP & come up with a code of ethics for SCF.


19th Sep

Leonard Lau met up with KK Chan (VP of HK Chess Federation) in KL for the Malaysian Chess Festival.


Leonard Lau spoke to KK Chan on the incident that occurred between Tony Tan and Jayson Gonzales during the ASEAN + Age Group competition in June, to pass a message to NCFP to resolve the matter amicably. KK Chan then spoke to Jayson Gonzales, the NCFP officer involved in the incident, during the Malaysia Open in KL.


21st Sep

KK Chan then proceeded to send an email to Red Dumuk (Deputy Secretary General, NCFP) asking for information and some videos taken during both encounters. 


This was done to address SCF’s hope that this matter could be contained while SCF makes the proper investigations into all these incidents. KK Chan offered to accompany Leonard Lau to go to Philippines to settle the matter amicably.


25th Sep

Thomas Hoe of SCF replied to NCFP at 1323hrs acknowledging the mail on 17th Sep.


25th Sep

At 1728hrs, Ignatius Leong in his capacity as ACC President wrote to SCF President, commenting that SCF took 8 days to reply to NCFP just noting their email.


Ignatius Leong mentioned that the Management Board of the ASEAN Chess Confederation has viewed the Complaint very seriously and will meet to discuss any action to be taken,


28th Sep

SCF sent an email to ACC to question the validity of Ignatius Leong as the President for the ACC as he was not nominated by SCF.


10th Oct

ACC Board Meeting in Manila. SCF was not represented, nor were we invited to this meeting to present our case relating to the NCFP complaint.


11th Oct

Panupand (Gen-Sec of ACC) emailed Thomas Hoe of SCF the resolution of the ACC with regards to the complaint of the NCFP to SCF.

The resolution:

-          Imposes sanctions on Tony Tan.

-          Threatens to impose sanctions on the current Exco of SCF if no reply is received within 14 days.

-          Imposes sanctions to SCF which includes not allowing SCF to organise an ACC sanctioned event for 3 years (reducible to one year from date of acceptance of apology and disciplinary actions on Tony Tan). This extends even to local SCF events.


11th Oct

Panupand replied to SCF email regarding the validity of Ignatius Leong in ACC.


The ACC Management Board decided at its meeting on 10th October 2015 held in Manila that Ignatius Leong is an elected official and remains as President of the ACC.


16th Oct

4th Exco meeting (Part 1)

All members were present except for Ignatius Leong (leave of absence) and Melvyn (overseas)

There was a debate on the handling of the sanction from ACC. Four different proposals were raised, they are:

-          (Option 1) Seek legal advice (Proposed by Leonard Lau)

-          (Option 2) Withdraw SCF from ACC (Raised as an option during collective discussion)

-          (Option 3) Accept ACC sanctions and the entire SCF Exco step down in acknowledgement of our ‘mistake’ (Proposed by Gan Yeow Beng)

-          (Option 4) Prepare a holding reply to ACC while we continue investigations (Proposed by Chris Lim)


Due to time constraints, Exco meeting was adjourned to 22nd Oct.


20th Oct

FIDE Ethics Committee announces sanction on G. Kasparov and I. Leong.


22nd Oct.

4th Exco meeting (Part 2)

All members were present except for Ignatius Leong (leave of absence) and Melvyn Yeo (overseas). Adelin Tan was late.


Debate on the handling of the sanctions from ACC was discussed. It was decided to put option 2 to a vote first as this option was mutually exclusive from the rest. There was unanimous decision not to pursue this option.


It was discussed and decided unanimously that Option 1, seeking legal advice, can be subsumed under option 4. In addition, option 4 was expanded to include writing to FIDE for consultation.


Option 3 was put to a vote and there were three who abstained (Gan Yeow Beng, Chan Weng Kee and Philip Chan). The rest were against this option. Vote count (0 for, 5 against and 3 abstained).


Adelin Tan joined the meeting at this stage.


Option 4 was then put to a vote and there were three who abstained (Gan Yeow Beng, Chan Weng Kee and Philip Chan) while Adelin Tan voted against this. The rest were for this option. Vote count (5 for, 1 against and 3 abstained).


The decision was to write a holding letter to ACC, consult FIDE while continuing with our investigation.


Gan Yeow Beng, Chan Weng Kee and Philip Chan excused themselves from the meeting at this stage due to prior commitments.


The meeting agreed to remove Ignatius from the SCF Exco in compliance with the sanctions provided by FIDE Ethics Committee.


23rd Oct

4 Exco members (Gan Yeow Beng, Chan Weng Kee, Philip Chan and Adelin Tan) resigned and their resignation was accepted. Leong also sent in his resignation.


25th Oct

SCF responded to ACC requesting for more time to investigate the matter, but disagreeing with the sanctions.


27th Oct

SCF replied to ACC disagreeing with their position.


29th Oct

ACC replied to Philip Chan to remove the 4 SCF Exco members who resigned on Oct 23, 2015 from being affected by the sanctions.


30th Oct

ACC sanctions SCF without hearing from SCF or responding to SCF. ACC excuses the 4 members who had resigned from SCF earlier. ACC extended the sanctions on the SCF Exco to include future Exco members as well.


4th Nov

The SCF Ethics committee interviewed Tony Tan over the alleged incident with Jayson Gonzales. The committee recommended a 2-week suspension on grounds for showing disrespect during an official event. This recommendation was submitted to Leonard Lau.


5th Nov

SCF President, Leonard Lau, has accepted the recommendation for a 2-week suspension of Tony Tan from the SCF Exco. The suspension will be from 5th Nov 2015 to 18th Nov 2015.






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