2022 Post NSI Action Items


1) Prize collection can be done at SCF from Wednesday - Sunday, 2-6pm.
Please bring along a bag to collect any prizes as required.
Do refer to the NSI Masterkey for prize eligibilty: tinyurl.com/2022NSIResultsMasterkey

2) Sign up for respective SCF training Squads based on NSI performance.
Respective squads are colour coded in accordance in the various age categories found in the NSI Masterkey.
Deadline for NJDS to HPE level has been extended to 28 Mar, 11am. Any entries thereafter will not be accepted.

2022 NSI Masterkey



Dear Parents/Players,
The NSI Results Masterkey is found in this link: https://tinyurl.com/2022NSIResultsMasterkey
In the Masterkey, you will see various links which will point you to the respective Age Category results.
Currently, U8 and U12 is ready for viewing.
We thank you for your kind understanding and patience as we vet the remaining categories. Results for all categories should be completed by Friday.
Key things to note when viewing the results:
1) View the links on a computer; smaller devices might not be able to see all the columns, and you might miss important information
2) The eligible individuals to enter SCF squads are colour coded: Green for HP, Cyan for HPI and yellow for NJDS

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