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Annually, the SCF selects the best of our young school chess talents for specialized theory and practice trainings, and prepare them to represent Singapore at local (Singapore), regional (ASEAN), continental (Asian), and global (World) individual and team chess championships.

To prepare for such events, the SCF National Junior Squad attends training at the SCF once per week with a total of 3.5 hours per lesson based on a four-term based programme.

Qualifying for the National Junior Squad is based on the Selection & Training Guidelines which is reviewed by the HPE Committee yearly. From these tournaments, the list of Qualified Payers will be listed on the SCF website. The qualification will last for one year (i.e. March 2013 to March 2014). After which, players will have to re-qualify in the qualifying events again.

Read the FAQs on the National Junior Squad Trainings to find out more.

Qualified Juniors (Born in 1993 & After) with FIDE Rating 1400 above, are encouraged to join the SCF HPE Invitational Training League consisting of a 4 hour practice session and a 2 hour theory session weekly. Juniors get the opportunity to spar with adult players with FIDE Rating 1500 and above, with analysis done at the end of the game.


SCF National Squad consist our Men and Women Squad respectively. Our athletes bring pride to Singapore by taking part in various Continental and International Tournaments.

The full list of our athletes’ profiles can be found on the Team Singapore website.

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