Developing Champions

The SCF National Junior Squad Trainings are conducted on a four-term based programmes. Trainees attend a 3 hours per week lesson based on specialized theory and practice trainings. 

Qualifying for the National Junior Squad is based on the Selection & Training Guidelines reviewed by the SCF HP Committee yearly.

Players are to qualify for Year 2016 via the following tournaments:

  1. 33rd National Age Group Chess Championships 2016
  2. Singapore Amatuer Chess Championships 2016
  3. 69th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2017

Qualification lasts for one calendar year (i.e All qualifications expires by end Dec 2017). After which, players are required to re-qualify in the qualifying events again.

The SCF encourages all Qualified Players to register for SCF National Training Programme.

Read our FAQs on the National Junior Squad Trainings to find out more.

National Junior Squad Training Schedule



Junior Squad

NJDS Term 4/2016 16 Sep to 13 Nov In Progress
NJDS Term 3/2016 02 Jul to 27 Aug Ended
NJDS Term 2/2016 25 Mar to 21 May  Ended
NJDS Term 1/2016 08 Jan to 06 Mar Ended
NJS Term 4/2015 18 Sep to 22 Nov Ended
NJS Term 3/2015 03 Sep to 06 Sep Ended
NJS Term 2/2015 20 Mar to 24 May Ended
NJS Term 1/2015 02 Jan to 15 Mar Ended



Junior High
Training Squads

HP Term 4/2016 17 Sep to 17 Nov In Progress
HP Term 3/2016 02 Jul to 01 Sep Ended
HP Term 2/2016 26 Mar to 26 May Ended
HP Term 1/2016 09 Jan to 10 Mar Ended




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