71st National Championships 2019 (Open & Women) - Dr Wong Yip Chong Cup

Date: Tue. 31 Dec, 2019 7:00 pm - Sun. 19 Jan, 2020 8:00 pm


1. Organiser

 The tournament is organized by the Singapore Chess Federation (SCF).

Sponsored by Family of Dr. Wong Yip Chong.

2. Playing Venue

 Singapore Chess Federation, 51 Bishan Street 13 #02-01A SIGC Singapore 579799.

3. Eligibility

    • Open Category – FIDE rating 2000 (Standard) and above, as at 01st December 2019.
    • Women’s Category – Female players with a FIDE rating 1400 (Standard) and above, as at 01st December 2019.
    • Open to Singaporeans, and Singapore PRs under SGP Federation only.
    • SCF Reserves all right to Accept or Reject entries without assigning any reasons.

4. Tournament Format

    • FIDE’s Laws of Chess shall apply.
    • The tournament shall be conducted in the Swiss System of 9 rounds, using the Swiss Manager Program.
    • Rate of play shall be 90 minutes with 30 seconds increment from move one.
    • For up to 6 players, tournament shall be played in Double Round-Robin.
    • For 7 to 12 players, tournament shall be played in Single Round-Robin.
    • Recording is compulsory.
    • The default time is 30 minutes from the start of the round.

5. Schedule

    • The Technical Meeting shall be held on 26th December 2019, Thursday 7 pm at SCF (51 Bishan Street 13, #02-01A SIGC Singapore 579799).
    •  The Organizer reserves the right to amend the schedule in the case of unforeseen circumstances, and subject to the number of entries in each category.
 Date  Day  Time  Remarks
 26 Dec  Thursday  7.00pm  Technical Meeting
 31 Dec  Tuesday  6.30pm  Round 1
 01 Jan  Wednesday  2.00pm  Round 2
 04 Jan  Saturday  6.30pm  Round 3
 05 Jan  Sunday  2.00pm  Round 4
 05 Jan  Sunday  6.30pm  Round 5
 11 Jan  Saturday  6.30pm  Round 6
 12 Jan  Sunday  2.00pm  Round 7
 18 Jan  Saturday  6.30pm  Round 8
 19 Jan  Sunday  2.00pm  Round 9 & Prize Presentation

6. Appeals Committee

    • SCF shall appoint 3 members to form the Appeals Committee.
    • An appeal shall be made in writing within 15 minutes of the completion of the relevant playing session, accompanied by an appeal fee of S$100.
    • Fees shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld, and forfeited if appeal is deemed unsuccessful.
    •  The ruling of the Appeals Committee is FINAL and NO further correspondence shall be entertained.

 7. Ranking and Tie Break

  • The final ranking is determined by the total number of points scored.
  •  In the case of a tie, the following order of tie breaks shall be used:
    • Direct Encounter
    • Buchholz Cut 1
    • Buchholz
    • Greater number of wins
    • Sonnenborn Berger

8. Prizes

8.1  Open Category – Trophies to Top 10 players.

  • Top player of the Open category shall be awarded the National Champion title.
  • Cash Prizes         
    • 1st          S$ 2,500                               6th           $500
    • 2nd         S$ 1,500                               7th           $300
    • 3rd          S$ 1,000                               8th           $300
    • 4th          S$    800                               9th           $300
    • 5th          S$   500                                10th         $300

8.2  Women’s Category – Trophies to Top 10 players.

  • Top player of the Women’s category shall be awarded the National Women Champion title.
  • Cash Prizes         
    • 1st          S$ 1,000
    • 2nd         S$    500
    • 3rd          S$   400
    • 4th          S$     50
    • 5th         S$      50

9. Entry Fees

    • The entry fee shall be S$150.
    •  The closing date for registration is 10th December 2019 (Tuesday).
    •  Withdrawals shall not be refunded

10. Registration

10.1 By Hand or by Post:

      • Singapore Chess Federation
      • 51 Bishan Street 13
      • #02-01A SIGC (Bishan CC)
      • Singapore 579799

10.2 Entry Fees are to be made via Cash, or Cheque (made payable to ‘Singapore Chess Federation’).

11. Additional Regulations

    • Players are only allowed to analyse their game in the Game Analysis corner.
    • Players are expected to be smartly attired and maintain acceptable standards of behaviour.
    • Players are assumed to have read the Tournament Rules & Regulations and are obliged to obey them and adhere to the instructions put forward by the Organizers/Arbiters, otherwise, they may be asked to leave the tournament hall.
    • Players are not allowed to bring mobile phones or other electronic devices to the tournament hall, any violation shall result in a Loss of Game.
    • All players and audiences in the tournament hall are to adhere to the rules put forward by the arbiters/organizers. Otherwise, they may be asked to leave the tournament hall.


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