2nd SCF Tournament Accreditation Seminar (03 Mar to 07 Mar 2015)

updated 08 Mar 2015

Results for the 2nd SCF Tournament Accreditation Seminar as follows:

No. Name Fed Title Year Gender Grade
1 Lee Chien Earn SIN FA 1967 M NA2
2 Chan Weng Kee SIN   1966 M NA2
3 Mooi Osric SIN IA 1969 M NA3
4 Li Yue SIN   1972 F NA3
5 Heng Hwee Khim SIN   1990 F TO4
6 Goh Hai Sheng SIN   1969 M TO4
7 Lee Soon Siang SIN   1976 M TO4

The "Tournament Organiser" is the individual responsible for planning a chess event which shall be registered and submitted to be FIDE-rated and/or SCF-grading.

The "Tournament Director", may also be the "Tournament Organiser", is responsible for the conduct of the event but not relating to matters under the jurisdiction of the "Chief Arbiter". The
"Tournament Director" may be assisted by "Tournament Assistants" who do not need SCF Accreditation but they are not allowed to take decisions of any nature.

The "Chief Arbiter" is responsible for all technical matters and the supervision of the event. He shall be responsible to take decisions in the event of a dispute. To assist him are "Deputy Chief Arbiters", "Deputy Arbiters" and/or "Assistant Arbiters".

Other than official FIDE/Continental Events, all other events which are FIDE-rated or SCF-graded or events organised under the umbrella of the SCF must have persons who are SCF Accreditation.

SCF Accreditation is mandatory even for those who already hold FIDE titles for International Organiser, International Arbiter or FIDE Arbiter.

The SCF Accredited titles are:-
SCF – NA1 (National Arbiter Class 1) : equivalent to 90% score in seminar/examination
SCF – NA2 (National Arbiter Class 2) : equivalent to 80% score in seminar/examination
SCF – NA3 (National Arbiter Class 3) : equivalent to 70% score in seminar/examination
SCF – TO4 (Tournament Organiser Class 4): equivalent to 60% score in seminar/examination – can only be a Tournament Organiser

Only National Arbiters are allowed to impose penalties. They may also be Tournament Organisers. A Tournament Organiser/Tournament Director may only recommend a penalty for players but subject to the approval of the Chief Arbiter.

Only those who have reached the age of 18 shall be eligible for SCF Accreditation.

The seminar shall be conducted by Mr Ignatius Leong, SCF President. Mr Leong was awarded the IA title in 1979. In 1995, even though he was "outside" FIDE, he was among the first handful (first Asian) to be awarded the IO title. He is the only Singaporean who is endorsed as an official FIDE Seminar Lecturer for Arbiters and Organisers.

A participant may choose to attend any or all sessions subject to payment of the required fee:-

Any of Session 1, 2, 3 or 4: $ 30 per session
Session 5: $ 50
All 5 Sessions: $ 100

Deadline for Registration: 17 Feb 2014
Registration before 24 February 2014: 50% surcharge
Registration from 24 February 2014: 100% surcharge

Venue: SCF Premises, SIGC, Bishan CC, Bishan Street 13


Day/Date Time Topic
1 Tue, 03 Mar 7.30 pm to 10 pm Laws of Chess
2 Wed, 04 Mar 7.30 pm to 10 pm Types of Tournaments, Tie-Break Systems,
Tournament Rules & Rating Regulations
3 Thu, 05 Mar 7.30 pm to 10 pm Swiss System Pairings by IA Gerald Chan
4 Fri, 06 Mar 7.30 pm to 10 pm

Roles of a Tournament Organiser /
Tournament Director / Chief Arbiter

5 Sat, 07 Mar 7 pm to 9 pm Written Examination


Download relevant topics from:
Especially noting pages 7 to 40, 49 to 64, 139 – 164, 193 – 201, 208 – 210.

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