67th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2015 (17 Mar to 18 Mar 2015)

updated 09 Mar 2015

The Briefing Package for the 67th NSI 2014 which includes the Tournament Rules & Regulations, Risk Assessment Findings & Recommended Control Measures, and Code of Conduct are as follows.

67th NSI 2015 - Briefing Package

Annex A - Risk Assessment Findings & Recommended Control Measures

Annex B - 67th NSI 2015 Code of Conduct

All players are to have read and understood the above prior to the tournament. No dispute shall be entertained for which if the involved personnels did not read the Package.

updated 04 Mar 2015


Starting List, Pairings, Results

A Div Boys | B Div Boys | C Div Boys

A Div Girls | B Div Girls | C Div Girls

Senior Div Boys | Junior Div Boys | Lower Junior Div Boys

Senior Div Girls | Junior Div Girls | Lower Junior Girls

In creating a more conducive competition environment, with effect from 1 Jan 2015, the SCF will only accept entries for official schools competitions organised by SCF (National Schools Individuals, National Inter-School Team, and other similar scholastic competitions) if one of the following conditions are met:

1. The Chess Trainer (s) employed / hired is accredited by SCF.

2. Teacher(s)-In-Charge of Chess CCA or the team captain (Secondary Schools & above) has attended and passed a 2-hour SCF Technical Seminar conducted by SCF in 2015. A nominal fee of $10 per participant will be collected for the seminar.

The Technical Seminars shall be conducted on:

1st SCF Technical Seminar 11 Feb 2015 (Wed) 4 pm to 6 pm
2nd SCF Technical Seminar 06 Mar 2015 (Fri) 4 pm to 6 pm
3rd SCF Technical Seminar 08 Mar 2015 (Sun) 4 pm to 6 pm

Participants of the Technical Seminar are to submit completed Registration Form and payment to the SCF office at 51 Bishan Street 13, #02-01A SIGC, Singapore 579799.

List of Accredited Trainers as at 23 Dec 2014 can be found HERE.

Organised by the Singapore Chess Federation and played under the FIDE Laws of Chess, SSSC General Rules and Regulations for All Sport and Games 2015, SPSSC General Rules and Regulations for All Sports and Games 2015 and the following rules:

Division (Non FIDE-rated)
All students shall compete in their respective divisions according to their year of birth as follows:
(Age as at 1st Jan 2015)

Division YOB MOE Schools
A Division Boys/Girls 1995 to 1998 Junior Colleges, IP Year 5 & 6
& Centralised Institutes
B Division Boys/Girls 1998 to 2000

Upper Secondary Schools
age 15, 16 & 17

C Division Boys/Girls 2001 to 2002 Lower Secondary Schools
age 13 & 14
Senior Division Boys/Girls 2002 to 2004 Primary Schools
age 11, 12 & 13
Junior Division Boys/Girls 2005 to 2006 Primary Schools age 9 & 10
Lower Junior Division Boys/Girls 2007 to 2008 Primary Schools age 7 & 8

All participants must be dressed in school attire or PE attire, failing which they shall be defaulted from the championships.

1. Participants must be of Age under-20 as at 1st January 2015. Over-aged participants shall be disqualified with no appeals &
2. a. Chess Trainer(s) employed / hired by the school is an accredited trainers by SCF or
b. Teacher(s)-in-charge of the Chess CCA or the Team Captain has attended & passed a 2-hour
Technical Seminar conducted by SCF or
c. The participant has attended & passed a 2-hour Technical Seminar conducted by SCF or
d. The participant is a member of SCF National Junior Squad 2015

Other Information
1. All participants can only play in their own division based on age and gender
(Girls cannot participate in Boys Division)
2. Students from foreign schools, kindergartens and home schooling are ineligible.
3. The Singapore Chess Federation reserves the right to reject or accept entry/entries.

Pasir Ris Sports Hall, 120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640)

System & Time Limit
1. Swiss System of 9 Rounds.
2. 25 minutes per player to complete a game.
3. FIDE Rule on Zero Start shall apply - any player NOT SEATED at the chessboard after the announcement for the start of the session shall lose the game.
4. Defaulter shall be removed immediately from the pairing list.
5. To be reinstated in the tournament, they must inform the pairing arbiter in writing, with reasons on the default.
6. Recording of moves is optional. Players not recording shall have no right of claim in a dispute.
7. In the case of a tie for a division title, the player with the higher tiebreak is declared the winner.
8. Tiebreak shall be
     a. Direct Encounter
     b. Buchholz Cut 1
     c. Buchholz

Schedule: Detailed schedule shall be posted after round 1

Date Day Time Divisions  
17 Mar 15 Tue 8.45 am to 6 pm

All Divisions

Opening Presentation &
Round 1 to 5

18 Mar 15 Wed 9.15 am to 6 pm All Divisions

Round 6 to 9 &
Prize Presentation

1. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to the Top 20 positions in each division.
2. Individual zonal prizes shall also be awarded.
3. Participants may win more than one prize.
4. The Organizing Committee may announce at the start of the Championships if additional medals will be awarded based on the number of entries. Prizes not collected at the prize presentation shall be forfeited.

1. Any disputes arising from a game shall be referred to the Chief Arbiter or Division Arbiter.
2. An appeal to the Appeals Committee may be lodged (accompanied by an appeal fee of $100, refundable if the appeal is upheld) in writing within 15 minutes of the completion of the relevant playing session.
3. The ruling of the Appeals Committee is final and no further correspondences shall be entertained.

Entry Fee:
With School Endorsement: $ 30.00
Without School Endorsement: $ 50.00

Qualification for National Junior Squad 2015
– Refer to Singapore Chess Federation – Selection & Training Guidelines 2015

Closing Date – Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 at 7 pm.
A SURCHARGE OF $50 SHALL BE LEVIED ON LATE ENTRIES. Withdrawals shall not be refunded.
All participants must check their entries on SCF website, www.singaporechess.org.sg. Any amendments must be done before 10 March 2015 failing which the participant shall only start in round 2.

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