SCF Grading System - Update

Implementation with effect from 1 April 2014
(Approved 10 Jan 2014; 1st Amendment 26 Dec 2014)

1. With effect from 1 April 2014, the SCF shall adopt a classification of players based on the SCF Grading System using the last published FIDE rating (1st April 2014)/SCF rating (Oct 2013) whichever is higher.

2. There shall be 7 Grades:-
    Grade A - Above 2000
    Grade B - 1801 to 2000
    Grade C - 1601 to 1800
    Grade D - 1401 to 1600
    Grade E - 1201 to 1400
    Grade F - 1001 to 1200
    Grade G - Unrated

3. Grade A shall be accorded to all those players who had been previously awarded FIDE/SCF Master titles for results prior to year 2000.

4. The approved time controls for a grading tournament shall not be faster than the following:-
    4.1 Standard Chess – 60 minutes for each player for the entire game
    4.2 Rapid Chess – 25 minutes for each player for the entire game

5. A grading tournament must have a minimum of 6 players and with minimum 5 rounds.

6. Merged groups are allowed up to a maximum of 3 bands. In such cases there must be a minimum of 8 players and with minimum 7 rounds.

7. Age based and team events will not be graded.

8. All scores are counted including Byes and Defaults.

9. For promotion to a higher grade, the player must achieve 2 or more norms covering at least 16 games subject to at least 1 norm from Standard Chess covering at least 7 games.

10. To achieve a norm, the candidate must make a 75% score in a grading tournament.

11. A FIDE rating tournament shall also be graded.

12. The HPE Committee shall have a final decision in determining the classification of players.



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