• 59th National Inter-School Team Chess Championships 2018 4th - 6th Sep 2018 held at Northland Primary School.
  • 3rd Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship 2018 Held at Shanghai, China. 1st to 10th Aug 2018. Open to all NJDS, HPI and HPE 2018. Details been released.
  • 30th National Rapid Chess Championships 2018 11 - 12 August 2018 at Bukit Merah Community Centre.
  • National Blitz Chess Championship 2018 11 August 2018 at Bukit Merah Community Centre.
  • 59th National Inter-School Team Chess Championships 2018 04-06 September at Northland Primary School
  • Nanyang Racial Harmony Team Chess Challenge 2018 29 July 2018 at Nanyang Community Club

Reflections of the HPE Chess Camp

All the boys felt that the camp was very fun and enjoyed the team bonding activities, which all agreed were very enriching and emphaiszed teamwork.

Everybody were also very satisfied with the accommodation and food with some complaints about occasional insects.
All felt that the duration of the camp should be longer with a suggestion there should be longer free time daily.

Most enjoyed the Chess Trivia activity and the Past vs Present match, and found the Laws of Chess Talk very interesting and helped to better understand the history of chess. However, some felt that there were too few past players in the Past Vs Present Match. The 3min+2sec increment used was preferred to the traditional 5min time. There could also be more playing time and structured chess lessons. The participants shared their respective goals for chess with each other.

The reflections were provided by the following:

  1. William Woong
  2. Lee Qing Aun
  3. Lee Jun Wei
  4. Royce Tan
  5. Lew Zhi Hong
  6. Nisban Cyrus
  7. Liu Xiang Yi

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